Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Love to Draw… But don’t know where to start … This is for you…

Many of them love to try free hand drawing. Unlike professionals others take it as hobby. Many people love to draw but are scared to give a try because they are afraid of the criticism they will get. Sometimes you might be creative but don’t know how to put it on canvas. It is normal that every person faces this problem. Nobody is a born artist, but a person can be one if they want to. Most people feel visual is art is more effective than any means of communication.

Start drawing a basic thing. Toil on your own elucidation, you do not need to denote the accuracy loyally. Your drawing has to mainly express what you have in your thoughts, your perceptions, and feelings. To get these you need not be a great artist or an award winner. All you have to have is a sense of creativity and imagination. Make drawing a habit…... a stress buster…

Practicing drawing everyday would surely create wonders…. You will be blessed with more ideas and creativity than what you have expected.

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Types of Frames for Canvas Paintings

The best way to preserve and display your canvas painting is by framing them with attractive frames. These frames provide a classy and simple look. With the help of these modern frames you can hang your art works on the wall and change the look of your home. Some of the commonly used frames include:

Metal Frames

If you are looking for a versatile and a durable frame, it is better you go for a metal frame. It is one of the most popular choices of frames that are used for canvas painting. They tend to go with any type of art. You can choose either a simple or a decorative metal frame of your choice. Metal frames are available in different types like sterling silver, chrome or brass etc.

Cloth Frames

For an unconventional and unique room decorations you can go for padded or cloth frames. The main advantage of cloth frames is that you can design these frames according to your painting. Choosing a pattern and colour that goes well with your painting would make the painting look more creative and beautiful. These frames are also budget friendly and it will help you to give a unique look for your home.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are also ideal for individuals who like to keep on changing their canvas in different frames. This is because it is easy to fix and take out the canvas paintings from wooden frames. People who do not have a lot of familiarity with framing paintings find ease in using wooden frames.

Digital Frames

A digital frame can be used to display multiple paintings. It is always better to choose digital frames to display paintings that are small in size. This is because digital frames are more expensive.

Even though several kinds of frames can be used to frame your canvas painting, these frames are the most common types you will come in contact with. With these frames you can safeguard and exhibit your canvas painting without breaking the bank.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Abstract Painting Tips for Beginners

Abstract painting encourages imagination over a precise execution of the environment. Though, it can also be discouraging to start, you can create wonders out of it. Following are some tips for the beginners.


Art can be easily expressed through color. The most important of all is to learn the colour theory properly. It is not essential that you have to use all the colours in the palette. You have to learn to choose colours that work out well together this may save you from getting the colours clashed.


You can add more details to your work through the usage of texture. Most of the abstract artists use dimensions to their paintings. Most of the artists apply heavy coats of paints to create an effect called impasto. For giving a matte effect thin coat is used. As a beginner, it is essential that you limit the usage of the texture techniques per piece.

Practice with Formula Canvases

You can use formula canvases for practicing purposes. The formula canvases indicate where you have to add colour and what techniques have to be used for this purpose. You can use them until you have learned to create your own work.

Image Finder

With the help of an image finder you can find better ways for compositions. Geometric shapes are most commonly used. Using an image finder you can frame the devices. It can also help you segregate elements that you can use for your work.

Know About Composition

Composition is a powerful element in most of the artworks. It mainly refers to how the objects are positioned in relation to each other. The size of the object is one element of composition. The radical form encompasses on how the objects are related to each other in terms of a description.

You might find abstract painting a difficult skill to attempt. With some understanding of composition and techniques, you can easily create an abstract of your own work. Practicing about composition, texture and colour is very important. Want to know more about abstract painting click here

Introduction to Art Styles

To become a good artist, you have to keep in mind the different styles of art. This would help you to express a variety of ideas. Here is a list of art styles that would help you to bring more beauty to your artworks. The artist uses several art styles to express themselves. These art styles will help you to choose the best style suitable for your picture.


When a painted work is created in a manner that it resembles a photograph it is called as a Photorealism painting. Every detail of the work in the original picture is portrayed faithfully. Photorealism highlights the theme of the picture to improve realism. Artists who create Photorealism works endeavor to make their art work seem as lifelike.


Realism is the most common art style used.  Most people associated with painting will go for it. The artists will choose subjects or paintings according to their creativity. They will use several techniques to bring realism to the picture they are drawing. The techniques include composition, brush strokes and colour combinations.


Impressionism is the most popular technique that is used from the 19th century. Impressionism accentuates on detailing of light and color. The artists will mainly concentrate on the relationship amid the elements. Detailing of the pictures is not given much importance, hence these paintings appear to be incomplete.


Most of the artists are more interested in the impression of the subject than the subject itself. Their main idea is to exhibit whatever they think as the core of the subject.


Expressionism is also similar to Abstraction and Impressionism. It is not worried about a perfect depiction of the details of a subject. The usage of colours is more for expressionism. The artists will use a wide choice of colours to express their assessments on a theme. Sometimes the colours used for this purpose will be totally different from the original one. The main advantage of expressionism is that it maintains the general subject unlike abstraction. 

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How to become a good artist ?

Knowing to draw and paint is a talent but to become a good artist requires a lot of practice. Here are some tips which you should follow to become a good artist.

Choose the type of art according to your passion

If you are creating an artwork according to your passion, you can be a successful artist. Try choosing the subject that you enjoy and keep experimenting.

Be observant

An artist who is observant will learn to note the colors  shadows and shapes of the object while drawing. You can easily see through the detailing and correct your pictures accordingly.


Many people give up art very soon, when they feel they have not reached to perfections. The more you practice your drawing; the best will be your outcome. You must first learn how to transfer all that you imagine into a paper in the form of art. This can be done only if you practice well. Whether you're taking art as a pastime or a profession, setting apart some time to focus on your art will aid you to enhance your art skills.

Register yourself to some art classes

You can subscribe yourselves to some good art classes that offer you training in all aspects. It also helps you to get the techniques you have to follow to create a beautiful and perfect art piece. Nowadays there are several websites that offers online courses. Websites like Hobitute offers downloadable online courses at affordable rates. You can download these courses and learn them whenever you are free.

Assent constructive criticism

Constructive criticism is intended to help you develop your artwork. A person giving productive criticism will usually highlight both the defects and the strengths and would provide suggestions on how the flaws can be fixed. You have to learn to accept them and correct them in your next art work.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Master the Art of Pencil Drawing Easily

Learning to draw with a pencil is essential. If you do not know to draw well with the pencil then you do not deserve to be an artist. There are several forms of art. The simplest form is the best of all. Drawing with pencil is the best form of painting. Every artist would love to create a drawing made by pencil. It’s mainly because of the effect it gives.

Before starting to draw with a pencil you must first understand the basic aspects of painting. The use of any art tools obliges awareness. Choosing a correct pencil is very important. Most people think that they can use all kinds of pencils for drawing. But it’s not like that; every pencil has its own uniqueness and intent in drawing.

The pencils are generally classified into hard pencils and soft pencils. The pencils are classified based on the graphite used. You can use them according to your requirements.

Hard Pencils

They have solid graphite and they create a light impression on the paper. They are used mainly to create outlines of a sketch. You should not press these pencils on the paper because it will leave a hard impression on the paper. Usually hard pencils are labeled with ‘H’. Every number beside the label indicates the hardness of the pencil. For instance 2H, 3H etc.

Soft pencils

They have soft graphite which is used for making dark lines on the paper. These pencils are mainly used for shading purposes and to create dark outlines. The soft pencils are labeled with ‘B’. Every number beside the label indicates the softness of the pencil. For instance 2B, 3B etc.

Charcoal pencils

The leads of these pencils are made of charcoals. They create darker impressions than the graphite’s. They also tend to smudge. They are usually used in places where you require showing more of the dark effect.

Carbon pencils

The Carbon pencils are made up of a mixture of clay and lamp black. These pencils provide more of the black colour than the other pencils. These pencils are generally made up of lamp black and a mixture of clay. Sometimes charcoal or graphite is also added to them. They provide more of black colour than that of graphite but they are softer than charcoal.

Mechanical pencils

These pencils are the most loved pencils for the artists. There are mostly used to provide details to the picture. The most commonly used leads for drawing starts from 0.5 mm. The other sizes includes 0.7 mm,0.9 mm,1.18 mm,1.3 mm,2 mm,3.15 mm,5.6 mm.

Once you have decided on the type of the pencil to be used.The choice of the paper also matters. The quality of the paper is very important. If the paper quality is not good there are chances of your drawing to get blotches. If you require a soft quality paper you can go for the cartridge paper. Since pencil work requires some amount of blending and reworking, it is always better that you go for a paper that is robust.

Always use the pencil without pressing harder. You should not let the strokes to overlap. While shading round curves use curved strokes to get that finish. Drawing with pencil is one of the easiest ways to master the art. One of the main advantages of pencil drawing is that nobody can ever call your drawing a flaw.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Communicate art through still life drawing

Still life drawing is a work of art illustrating mostly lifeless subject, usually conventional objects which can be either natural or man-made. It includes fruits, flowers, plants, vegetables, or shells, vessels, coffee cups, vases, bowls, jewelry etc. The main purpose of creating a still life object is to communicate beauty.

Using pencils for still life drawing

You can draw a still life work using pencils and colors also. While using color pencils you can create the highlights of light .The color arrangement would also create a special temper to the painting. You can give the finest details to your picture using colour pencils. While drawing a picture using a normal pencil will give a black and white effect to the painting. Through this painting we can study shapes and proportions. Accurately drawing with proportions and shapes would give your painting a professional touch. We should learn to see things in a black and white background. While shading the tonal values of the image must be adjusted. In order to create a realistic touch to the painting, the image must be defined correctly. The dark and the light shades must be highlighted precisely.

Many people consider drawing still life objects as a boring concept. But actually it is not, by learning to draw a still life object you will be educating yourself with the basics of drawing concepts. When you want to draw something and don’t have an idea of what to draw then just pick up some things in your home and arrange them at an angle you are comfortable to draw and start drawing. Even though you will find it difficult initially you can later on get a better understanding of it by keeping on practicing.

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