Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Abstract Painting Tips for Beginners

Abstract painting encourages imagination over a precise execution of the environment. Though, it can also be discouraging to start, you can create wonders out of it. Following are some tips for the beginners.


Art can be easily expressed through color. The most important of all is to learn the colour theory properly. It is not essential that you have to use all the colours in the palette. You have to learn to choose colours that work out well together this may save you from getting the colours clashed.


You can add more details to your work through the usage of texture. Most of the abstract artists use dimensions to their paintings. Most of the artists apply heavy coats of paints to create an effect called impasto. For giving a matte effect thin coat is used. As a beginner, it is essential that you limit the usage of the texture techniques per piece.

Practice with Formula Canvases

You can use formula canvases for practicing purposes. The formula canvases indicate where you have to add colour and what techniques have to be used for this purpose. You can use them until you have learned to create your own work.

Image Finder

With the help of an image finder you can find better ways for compositions. Geometric shapes are most commonly used. Using an image finder you can frame the devices. It can also help you segregate elements that you can use for your work.

Know About Composition

Composition is a powerful element in most of the artworks. It mainly refers to how the objects are positioned in relation to each other. The size of the object is one element of composition. The radical form encompasses on how the objects are related to each other in terms of a description.

You might find abstract painting a difficult skill to attempt. With some understanding of composition and techniques, you can easily create an abstract of your own work. Practicing about composition, texture and colour is very important. Want to know more about abstract painting click here

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