Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Introduction to Art Styles

To become a good artist, you have to keep in mind the different styles of art. This would help you to express a variety of ideas. Here is a list of art styles that would help you to bring more beauty to your artworks. The artist uses several art styles to express themselves. These art styles will help you to choose the best style suitable for your picture.


When a painted work is created in a manner that it resembles a photograph it is called as a Photorealism painting. Every detail of the work in the original picture is portrayed faithfully. Photorealism highlights the theme of the picture to improve realism. Artists who create Photorealism works endeavor to make their art work seem as lifelike.


Realism is the most common art style used.  Most people associated with painting will go for it. The artists will choose subjects or paintings according to their creativity. They will use several techniques to bring realism to the picture they are drawing. The techniques include composition, brush strokes and colour combinations.


Impressionism is the most popular technique that is used from the 19th century. Impressionism accentuates on detailing of light and color. The artists will mainly concentrate on the relationship amid the elements. Detailing of the pictures is not given much importance, hence these paintings appear to be incomplete.


Most of the artists are more interested in the impression of the subject than the subject itself. Their main idea is to exhibit whatever they think as the core of the subject.


Expressionism is also similar to Abstraction and Impressionism. It is not worried about a perfect depiction of the details of a subject. The usage of colours is more for expressionism. The artists will use a wide choice of colours to express their assessments on a theme. Sometimes the colours used for this purpose will be totally different from the original one. The main advantage of expressionism is that it maintains the general subject unlike abstraction. 

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