Friday, 18 October 2013

Master the Art of Pencil Drawing Easily

Learning to draw with a pencil is essential. If you do not know to draw well with the pencil then you do not deserve to be an artist. There are several forms of art. The simplest form is the best of all. Drawing with pencil is the best form of painting. Every artist would love to create a drawing made by pencil. It’s mainly because of the effect it gives.

Before starting to draw with a pencil you must first understand the basic aspects of painting. The use of any art tools obliges awareness. Choosing a correct pencil is very important. Most people think that they can use all kinds of pencils for drawing. But it’s not like that; every pencil has its own uniqueness and intent in drawing.

The pencils are generally classified into hard pencils and soft pencils. The pencils are classified based on the graphite used. You can use them according to your requirements.

Hard Pencils

They have solid graphite and they create a light impression on the paper. They are used mainly to create outlines of a sketch. You should not press these pencils on the paper because it will leave a hard impression on the paper. Usually hard pencils are labeled with ‘H’. Every number beside the label indicates the hardness of the pencil. For instance 2H, 3H etc.

Soft pencils

They have soft graphite which is used for making dark lines on the paper. These pencils are mainly used for shading purposes and to create dark outlines. The soft pencils are labeled with ‘B’. Every number beside the label indicates the softness of the pencil. For instance 2B, 3B etc.

Charcoal pencils

The leads of these pencils are made of charcoals. They create darker impressions than the graphite’s. They also tend to smudge. They are usually used in places where you require showing more of the dark effect.

Carbon pencils

The Carbon pencils are made up of a mixture of clay and lamp black. These pencils provide more of the black colour than the other pencils. These pencils are generally made up of lamp black and a mixture of clay. Sometimes charcoal or graphite is also added to them. They provide more of black colour than that of graphite but they are softer than charcoal.

Mechanical pencils

These pencils are the most loved pencils for the artists. There are mostly used to provide details to the picture. The most commonly used leads for drawing starts from 0.5 mm. The other sizes includes 0.7 mm,0.9 mm,1.18 mm,1.3 mm,2 mm,3.15 mm,5.6 mm.

Once you have decided on the type of the pencil to be used.The choice of the paper also matters. The quality of the paper is very important. If the paper quality is not good there are chances of your drawing to get blotches. If you require a soft quality paper you can go for the cartridge paper. Since pencil work requires some amount of blending and reworking, it is always better that you go for a paper that is robust.

Always use the pencil without pressing harder. You should not let the strokes to overlap. While shading round curves use curved strokes to get that finish. Drawing with pencil is one of the easiest ways to master the art. One of the main advantages of pencil drawing is that nobody can ever call your drawing a flaw.

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