Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Love to Draw… But don’t know where to start … This is for you…

Many of them love to try free hand drawing. Unlike professionals others take it as hobby. Many people love to draw but are scared to give a try because they are afraid of the criticism they will get. Sometimes you might be creative but don’t know how to put it on canvas. It is normal that every person faces this problem. Nobody is a born artist, but a person can be one if they want to. Most people feel visual is art is more effective than any means of communication.

Start drawing a basic thing. Toil on your own elucidation, you do not need to denote the accuracy loyally. Your drawing has to mainly express what you have in your thoughts, your perceptions, and feelings. To get these you need not be a great artist or an award winner. All you have to have is a sense of creativity and imagination. Make drawing a habit…... a stress buster…

Practicing drawing everyday would surely create wonders…. You will be blessed with more ideas and creativity than what you have expected.

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