Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tips and Tricks to use and preserve your paint brushes

It is very essential that every artist must keep their tools clean. Paint brushes would last longer if they 
are cleaned and cared properly.

Clean and Care required for brushes used for oil painting
  • It is essential that you clean the brush once you have used it.
  • You have to always keep your brushes in upright position.
  • Keep the brushes absolutely dry before storing them.
  • You should not let the paint get dried on the brush.
  • Always store the brush in the respective container, in order to restore its shape.
  • Do not use detergents to clean the brushes.
  • Lather the brush under warm water. Redo the process unless you find no trace of paint in the brushes.
  • Dry the brushes and store them in a jar.
  • You can use turpentine to clean the brushes used for oil painting.
Clean and Care required for brushes used for Water color painting
  • The most common thing that occurs in an oil brush is that its bristles do not point. This is because of buildup of pigment particles in the base of the brush.
  • Avoid storing the brush in direct sunlight. You have to store the brushes in air tight containers.
  • Moth repellents can be used to ensure that moth damages do not occur.
  • All the brushes must be cleaned in running water.
  • You can remove the excess water and gently bring back the shapes of the brushes using your hands.
Clean and Care required for brushes used for Acrylic painting
  • The brushes must be washed under running water.
  • It must be cleaned in running water.
  • Extra care must be taken while cleaning the brush.
  • Soak them beforehand so that all the paint from the brush comes out.

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