Thursday, 24 October 2013

Types of Frames for Canvas Paintings

The best way to preserve and display your canvas painting is by framing them with attractive frames. These frames provide a classy and simple look. With the help of these modern frames you can hang your art works on the wall and change the look of your home. Some of the commonly used frames include:

Metal Frames

If you are looking for a versatile and a durable frame, it is better you go for a metal frame. It is one of the most popular choices of frames that are used for canvas painting. They tend to go with any type of art. You can choose either a simple or a decorative metal frame of your choice. Metal frames are available in different types like sterling silver, chrome or brass etc.

Cloth Frames

For an unconventional and unique room decorations you can go for padded or cloth frames. The main advantage of cloth frames is that you can design these frames according to your painting. Choosing a pattern and colour that goes well with your painting would make the painting look more creative and beautiful. These frames are also budget friendly and it will help you to give a unique look for your home.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are also ideal for individuals who like to keep on changing their canvas in different frames. This is because it is easy to fix and take out the canvas paintings from wooden frames. People who do not have a lot of familiarity with framing paintings find ease in using wooden frames.

Digital Frames

A digital frame can be used to display multiple paintings. It is always better to choose digital frames to display paintings that are small in size. This is because digital frames are more expensive.

Even though several kinds of frames can be used to frame your canvas painting, these frames are the most common types you will come in contact with. With these frames you can safeguard and exhibit your canvas painting without breaking the bank.

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