Friday, 11 October 2013

An Art experience….

I had always wanted to be an artist, being able to draw anything I could see with the naked eye. I remember when I was a child, i had attended art classes in my school. In those days art classes were meant to be an extracurricular activity. Around the time, I wasn't able to continue with my art classes and had totally lost touch of it. It was after many years, I pondered on an idea of drawing a portrait picture and hanging it on a specially designed wall in my house. Even though I had the sense of creativity and art, i dint have much courage to paint a portrait as I lost touch in drawing. Totally agitated, I decided to look out for some art classes. But being a working professional, I couldn't find classes at the time of my convenience.

I decided to surf and see if I could find any drawing and painting classes online. As we had slow internet connections in our country, I felt online classes would be a bad idea . But to my surprise, I chanced upon Hobitute, a website that offers downloadable drawing and painting classes online It is for the first time in the world, I am hearing about downloadable drawing and painting classes offering courses from basic to advanced levels. Apart from that, they would also be providing certificates after each level.

Being a little excited about how it will work, I just downloaded few samples and went through them. Then I decided to give a try. There are several courses, which a person who doesn't even know to hold a paint brush can learn. I decided to start with the basics and spare an hour of my day with online painting and drawing classes.

I started downloading the courses from the basic level. The best part here was that, unlike other videos I didn't require an internet connection to play the video, which was more convenient for me. All the courses were very systematic and the teachers followed a slow teaching mechanism by providing plenty of examples. The teachers were available round the clock to clear my doubts. What surprised me a lot is that, the teachers took so much pain to explain even the minute techniques. They provided a systematic way of teaching, with a proper curriculum.  I could easily understand the concepts and never felt that I was in front of the computer.

Seeing me enjoy the online painting and drawing classes, my children also have started to learn with me. Now I have reached the advanced level of my courses . As I wished, I was able to hang a beautiful portrait painted by me. Apart from that, I am also drawing small paintings, and wall hangings to gift my friends and relatives. I feel the online painting and drawing classes is an excellent option for children, adults and hobbyists who are time pressed. I am happy that with the help of the online drawing and painting classes, I was not only able to bring out the artist in me but also inspire my children. Thanks to Hobitute!!!

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