Monday, 14 October 2013

Know Your Colours to Create a Wonderful Artwork

Most of the people have a natural desire for drawing and painting. Especially it is children who enjoy painting with vibrant colors. Painting can be more exciting when you can learn to know what you are doing with the colors. There are three different types of commonly used Paints.

Water Colors

Watercolors are cheap and are easy to explore. They are thin and transparent paints that are usually used to paint on paper. It is little difficult to use the paint because the paint changes its form and gets dried quickly. There are many techniques you can use to gain interesting effects from watercolors. The watercolor paints can be blotted and lifted from the paper easily. Water color paintings are mostly done on archival paper with soft brushes. These paintings can be approached using a loose transparent method, tight illustration or graphic style. In order to gain a deeper or richer look you have to layer several washes. These colors come in blocks and tubes. They are great for beginners.

Acrylic Colors

Acrylic paint is a pigment that is mixed with a polymer binder and is water soluble. It is a versatile paint and can be thinned with water or acrylic media extenders and gels. It can be used in a similar method as water color using layers of washes and wet on wet techniques. It can also be used in a thick impasto. There are a number of gel media that can be mixed with acrylic to give it a specific sheen or an even finish. 

You can also get retarders that can be used to extend the drying time so that the artist has more time to blend and mix colors on her canvas or paper. Once the acrylic paint is dry it is permanent and cannot be lifted in the same way as we do it in water colors. 

Distinct to oil paints, the acrylic paints dry quickly, yet, nowadays you can get an acrylic paint that doesn’t dry quickly. It can be worked more like oil paints. You can clean up the paint using water, but it is important to clean up while the paint is still wet on your brushes and surfaces.

Oil Colors

Oil paint is pigment which is diluted using linseed oil. The oil paints are known for their deep rich tones and are a classic medium used with a varnish over several months. You can clean the oil paint with the help of turpentine.

Poster Colors

Poster colors or Tempra colors as they are also referred are water based paints. It can be quickly washed and is ideal for educational use. Poster paints are tranquil to use and can be mixed to make new colors or contrast shades of the original color. One of the main advantages of using poster paint is that it will let you to undo the mistake. Poster colors can be used in any type of paper. It also dries off very fast. You can use these colors if you are a beginner and tend to make more mistakes.

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