Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How to buy a Paint brush?

If you want to create a beautiful artwork, it is very essential that you choose a high quality paint brush. The paint brushes can be used to paint any type of picture. It is very important that you choose the brushes according to the paint you are using. Some of the key features that must be kept in mind while buying a paint brush:

Quality of the brush

Checking the quality of the brush is very important. The ferrule of the brush must be non-corrosive. The hair of the paint brush must be attached to the ferrule using screws or rivets, rather than a slip-on style. The bristles should be densely packed. You should check if there are multiple spacers that separate the bristles. The bristles should be chiseled at the ends to create a smoother finish. Flag bristles hold more paint, which allows a more precise edge. Look for hollow bristles that easily bend rather than hard bristles.

Bristle Type

You have to check the bristle type for the paint brush you are using. The most commonly used bristle types is natural and synthetic. The synthetic brushes are made out of nylon or polyester material. These brushes are commonly used for water-based and oil-based paints. Brushes with natural bristles are made from animal hair, they are preferred for oil-based paints but you have to remember that should, it should never be used with water-based paints as they absorb the water and become limp. Since the natural bristles are softer than that of the synthetic bristles the artists prefer them for oil-based paints. The synthetic bristles offer more versatility.

Shape and Size of the brush

While painting a particular object it is essential that you keep in hand different shapes and varieties of brushes. The brushes also come with different handles. It is very important that you use the brush that you are comfortable with. Knowing the shape and size of the brush is essential before you start painting.

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