Thursday, 17 October 2013

Communicate art through still life drawing

Still life drawing is a work of art illustrating mostly lifeless subject, usually conventional objects which can be either natural or man-made. It includes fruits, flowers, plants, vegetables, or shells, vessels, coffee cups, vases, bowls, jewelry etc. The main purpose of creating a still life object is to communicate beauty.

Using pencils for still life drawing

You can draw a still life work using pencils and colors also. While using color pencils you can create the highlights of light .The color arrangement would also create a special temper to the painting. You can give the finest details to your picture using colour pencils. While drawing a picture using a normal pencil will give a black and white effect to the painting. Through this painting we can study shapes and proportions. Accurately drawing with proportions and shapes would give your painting a professional touch. We should learn to see things in a black and white background. While shading the tonal values of the image must be adjusted. In order to create a realistic touch to the painting, the image must be defined correctly. The dark and the light shades must be highlighted precisely.

Many people consider drawing still life objects as a boring concept. But actually it is not, by learning to draw a still life object you will be educating yourself with the basics of drawing concepts. When you want to draw something and don’t have an idea of what to draw then just pick up some things in your home and arrange them at an angle you are comfortable to draw and start drawing. Even though you will find it difficult initially you can later on get a better understanding of it by keeping on practicing.

What are you waiting for?? Pick up pencil and start drawing a still life object!! Need to know more about still life object painting click here

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